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Arriving and leaving: the Mount Longhu is adjacent to the traffic hub of Jiangxi Province, Yingtan, and the traffic is very convenient. The nearest airport to the scenic area is Nanchang airport, the airport is about 3 hours from Yingtan, and then it can take a car to Mount Longhu. There is a train station in Yingtan, and every big city has a train directly to Yingtan. In Yingtan Railway Station square there is a special train to Mount Longhu scenic spot, about 15 minutes. The drive is about half an hour. Sightseeing cars are opened in the Mount Longhu scenic spot. Visitors can take a tour.

Scenic spot type: mountain peak

The best season: 6-9 months. Summer is the best time to travel, the climate is very cool, fresh air, is a natural oxygen bar, a good place for the summer. The Mount Longhu is a warm humid monsoon climate zone in the middle subtropics, which is distinct in four seasons. You can go to Mount Longhu spring green, autumn can go to Mount Longhu on the field Jinhui, can go to the Mount Longhu winter view of snow.

Suggest to play: 1 days

Tickets: 260 yuan (including big ticket, green car, bamboo rafting)

Open time: peak season (April ~10 month): 07:30~17:30 off-season (November ~3 month): 08:00~17:00

Address: No. 1 Mount Longhu Avenue, Yingtan, Jiangxi

Phone: 400-8853-766