2022 is off to a good start! Dragon and Tiger are Leaping to welcome the New Year! New Year's Day series of activities in Longhushan UNESCO Global Geopark are exciting!

New Year's Day holiday

The weather is fine in Longhushan Global Geopark

Tourists are like weaving, the festival atmosphere is strong

Citizens and tourists flock in to

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food, say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year

There are many exciting activities on New Year's Day in Longhushan UGGp

Dragon and lion festival, artificial snowflakes, bonfire party

Full name K song, red envelope wall

Each one is unforgettable! !

Come and have a look with the little tiger~ The temple is full of fun, dragon and tiger group of immortals

Dragon and Tiger are leaping to welcome the new year

On the first day of New Year's Day in 2022, the Longhushan UGGp is to hold the Longhushan 2022 Chinese New Year series activities with the theme of " endlessly interesting, Gathering of immortals".

The ceremony of painting the lion's eyes

The finishing touch is to awaken the lions and bring them the ability to spread happiness and auspiciousness, implying prosperity, wealth and business. On New Year's Day, Wang Qinghe, Secretary of the Party Committee of the scenic spot, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Longlu Group; Wu Renhua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the Group; Zhou Peng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Longhushan UGGp ; Tong Lifang, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of the Group; Member of the Party Committee of the Group, Deputy General Manager Mao Guoshou participated in the ceremony of painting the lion's eyes on New Year's Day.

Dragon and Lion Gathering Dance

At 9:00 a.m. on New Year's Day, the first dragon and lion conference of Longhushan UGGp and the first dragon and lion invitational competition of "Dragon and Tiger World Cup" were grandly held in the tourist center square. They came to participate in the competition and competed fiercely, attracting a large number of tourists. The dragon dance team and the lion dance team each presented wonderful performances, constantly changing formations and shapes, attracting tourists to applaud again and again.

Dragon Dance

Lion Dance

As soon as you are entering the mouth of the blessing ( homonym as tiger in Chinese), luck will prosper

The visitor center plaza created a large-scale tiger with its mouth open, which attracted tourists to take photos here.

The ancient town of Shangqing celebrates New Year's Eve karaoke night of visitors

On New Year's Eve, the ancient stage square of Shangqing Ancient Town has specially built a karaoke stage, and the audience is endless. I heard that the young lady who came first has already brought home the oven. On December 31, 2021, the king of karaoke songs is even more Get a battery car.

Player's style

National style photograph

Guochao (National style ) is the appearance design of trendy styles, and it is a trendy product with specific Chinese elements. In the ancient town, the national fashion style outfits, plus the antique background, are unique at any time.

Annual Fish Catch Contest

This long holiday, come to Shangqing Ancient Town to experience the joy of catching fish! Let you play one-handed Xiaodan here and bring the fish home for free!

Red Envelope Wall

Shangqing Ancient Town is here to send you the first red envelope of the new year! There is a whole wall of red envelopes, each of which is a surprise. As long as you forward the article on the public account or shoot a short video to post Douyin, you can go to the red envelope wall area to receive a red envelope for the New Year, and act quickly!

Artificial Snowflake Show

Never seen white snow? Shangqing Ancient Town General Auction Store does not bring you the first snow in 2022 to help you to play with snow for free. Let’s make appointment for fashion photo-shoot.

Circling Gift Game

Aiming at the target, you can use your hands and feet, throwing it hard, wow~ you're in! Setting the bamboo tube lottery to win the gift package, this activity has contracted my happiness all morning, and it feels like I were back to my childhood!

One year old in the sound of firecrackers

The spinning top is one of the oldest toys in our country. In this activity, we will form a team to experience the innocence, feel the fun of the post-80s childhood in the countryside, and reminisce the "happy new year", which is a combination of skills and strength. The project has certain challenges!

he first cup of health tea in the new year

At the place where the fragrance is also fragrant, the courtyard is full of tea smoke. Tea is a guaranteed traditional drink, and drinking tea can cultivate one's health. On the first day of the new year, drink a cup of health tea to warm up your body and heart. I wish you good health and smiles in the Year of the Tiger!

New Year's Day Carnival at Ancient Yue Water Street

New Year's Eve Bonfire

On New Year's Eve, the bonfire party on Guyue Water Street was held as scheduled. As the flames were lit, the bonfire spread rapidly, and the enthusiastic flames illuminated the surrounding tourists, indicating that this year will be prosperous.

Band performance

The band's sing will immerse you in it. The beautiful and long music, the beautiful and tactful singing, sings peace and hope by the bonfire. With the sadness of saying goodbye to the past, there is hope for the future.

Dragon and Lion Dance Show

On New Year's Day, the dragon and lion dance team paraded on Guyue Water Street to welcome auspiciousness!

New Year's Day performance

Triangle Opera Troupe

Dance performance

Longhushan UGGp New Year's Day Series Activities

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The New Year's Day activities in Longhushan UGGp are in full swing

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