The last snow of Longhushan UNESCO Global Geopark in 2021 is so beautiful that it will make your heart tremble! The first snow in the winter of 2021

The first snow in the winter of 2021

Coming without warning

this cold season

the arrival of snow

Turn the world of Longhushan into a miracle, white and pure!

It snowed heavily all night

Snowflakes covered the branches of Longhushan

Like a fairyland

The wind was cold and free

Snowflakes on the ground are dancing

Wind rolls the door eaves disturbing residual dream, snow falls on windowsill, and the flower falling down

It's not my illusion, but you really came

The world of flowers turns into a world of ice and snow

The red sun climbs along the Pai Ya peak cluster

It is such a beautiful picture stroll:

Please wait til the sunny day,

the silver snow wrapped world is particularly enchanting

If you stay at Huayumei Villa for one night in this weather

Opening up the window

and feeling yourself surrounded by the pure white of the weather

The whole world is peaceful and it is a paradise.

soft snow Covering the Shengjing Mountain,

Waterfalls and lakes lie in between

thousands of mountains and twilight snow, which reflects each other.

The snow scene of Longhushan UGGp is not only beautiful.

We also found a business opportunities that have always been seized by the northerners

Today, I am going to advertise here

snow ground writing for you

5 yuan per person, limited quantity, first come first served!