Notice: The first aerial photography competition of Longhushan UNESCO Global Geopark has been postponed to February 28, 2022!

important Notice

Dear photographers:

In order to better show the beauty of Longhushan in winter, and at the same time at the request of enthusiastic photographers, it is now decided to postpone the first aerial photography competition of Longhushan Global Geopark in 2021 to February 28, 2022. Photographers are expected to contribute actively and record The beautiful scenery of Longhushan in winter.

Longhushan Global Geopark Administrative Committee

Jiangxi Longhushan Tourism Culture Development (Group) Co., Ltd.

December 8, 2021

The scenery in Longhushan in the early morning is amazing

Surrounded by clouds and mist.

The mountains are flickering due to the erratic clouds and mists

when the cloud rises.

That's the real Wonderland on the Earth

The rising sun broke through the clouds

The sky is getting darker

looking in the distance

I saw a ray of golden light slowly rising from the skyline

then filling the sky

Sprinkling to every corner of this paradise

A landscape Like the autumn wind blowing over the Luxi River

Driving the golden color on both sides of Peach Blossom Island

It's like the summer sun shining on everything in the mountains

Against the emerald green in the tour line

More like winter snow falling down and rolling hills

Showing the bleakness of Xianshuiyan of the Geopark

People who live in the mountains

Can't seem to feel the boundaries of the seasons

With a temperature of 20 degrees in winter, it is too comfortable,

which explains what is called

Living among the mountains shall not remember the year,

how is it like living in the world

Photographers: Fan Fan, Jiang Shiyuan, Zhang Hengqian

After enjoying the excellent works of the three selected photographers

Are you excited too?

Picking up your camera now and taking a trip to Longhushan UGGp

The fourth quarter of the 2021 Longhushan Aerial Photography Competition has officially started for those who want to participate, please read the following note

The First Aerial Photography Longhushan UGGp Photo Contest



Beijing Aerial Photography Professional Committee Beijing Minjiang International Photography Aerial Photography Club (Travel Agency) Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Photographers Association Longhushan Global Geopark Administrative Committee Jiangxi Longhushan Tourism Culture Development (Group) Co., Ltd.

Co-organizers: Yingtan Photographers Association Longhushan Photographers Association Saturday Aerial Photography Club Longhushan Flower World Longhushan Shengjingshan Longhushan Xianren City Tianshifu Management Committee

Submission time

January 1, 2021 to December 1, 2021

Call for your participation

Pictures, videos and videos based on the natural scenery, beautiful countryside, and cultural customs within the Longhushan Scenic Area

How to participate

(1)Qualification auditors. Contestants need to apply for a competition card, with a competition certificate and personal identity, the contestants of Fang Fang can enter the core scenic spots of Beijing Mountain and the shooting committees of various points. Review, then go to Jiangxi West Provincial Tourism Center for review, and then go to Jiangxi Provincial Tourist Center Cultural Center to set up a window for related tourist attractions, contact number: 1387 Mingshan Scenic Area Tourist Center, contact number: 1387 Longhushan (138700555005, Longcheng Group 138700555005, Longcheng Hushan): 138700555005, Longjiang Group 1550005005, Longcheng Hushan (155005)). The review time is 3 working days.

(2) Handling of documents. Participation cards are divided into A card and B card. Photographers who are members of photographers associations above the provincial level (including provincial level), full-time news photographers and professional drone photography agencies can apply for A certificate, and ordinary aerial photographers can apply for B certificate. During the film competition, holders of A card can enter the Longhushan UGGp and all supporting scenic spots for free (exemption of scenic resource tickets and sightseeing bus tickets) for an unlimited number of times; holders of B card can purchase tickets for Longhushan UGGp and sightseeing bus combination tickets After that, with the confirmation stamp on the back of the entry certificate, you can enter the Longhushan Scenic Area and all supporting scenic spots for shooting unlimited times during the competition period of the current season. A 1-inch ID photo must be provided when applying for the entry certificate. Document processing time is normal working days. (Note: The A and B certificates do not include the Dream-seeking Dragon Tiger Mountain performance and bamboo raft tickets).

About The Awards

This competition has two categories of awards: picture category and video category:

(1) Picture category awards:

1 Gold Prize 50,000 RMB

3 silver prizes, each with a bonus of 5,000 yuan

6 bronze prizes, each with a bonus of 3,000 yuan

40 outstanding awards, each with a bonus of 1,000 yuan

(2) Video awards:

1 Gold Prize 50,000 RMB

3 silver prizes 5,000 yuan each

6 Bronze Prize winners will receive 3,000 yuan each

40 outstanding prizes, each with a bonus of 1,000 yuan

Remarks: All award-winning works will be issued with award certificates. The same author will not be repeatedly awarded the grade award of similar awards


Instructions for participants:

Special reminder: This submission is divided into four quarters of spring, summer, autumn and winter. In the last week of each quarter, 5-15 winners will be announced in the media selection designated by the competition. The competition will select 100 winners from the four quarters of contributors. Compete for the year-end awards (those who have been selected can continue to improve and supplement relevant information before the deadline for the competition). (1) Entries must be aerial photography works by drones, and the number of submissions is not limited.

(2) The works must be original works shot within the jurisdiction of Longhushan within the specified time of the film competition.

(3) Submission method: Pictures and video works should be sent to the submission mailbox: Work file name: work name + author name. Attach relevant information documents (author's name, contact information, shooting time, location, etc.).

(4) Please use JPG or RAW format for aerial photography. The pictures submitted for the competition shall be unified in color JPG format, the size shall not be less than 3M, and the long side shall not be less than 3000 pixels.

(5) Requirements for video submission: 1. The works must be real and original, shot in the core scenic spots, villages and cultural customs within the jurisdiction of Longhushan . The content covers at least three scenes, and the time span should preferably cover the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. 2. The work is allowed to use a small amount of non-aerial footage as transitions, but the total amount of such footage cannot exceed 10% of the duration of the work. 3. The works can be appropriately rendered, but the content elements of the screen cannot be changed; editing techniques such as editing, soundtracks, special effects, etc. of the works are included in the review items. 4. The length of the work is 3 to 5 minutes, in MP4 high-definition format, 16:9 format, and the video per minute is not less than 100M. 5. The author is responsible for the portrait rights and music copyrights involved in the works. 6. The works will be publicized after the selection. The original high-definition large image (JPG or RAW format, not processed by computer software) needs to be retrieved. The video works must provide original video image materials of more than 30 minutes. The author must provide the original photos and materials within the specified time. Failure to provide on time will be regarded as an automatic waiver of the award.


Special statement

(1) There is no entry fee for this competition, and no manuscript will be returned. For all award-winning works, the organizer has the right to use it in tourism promotion, publication of picture albums, exhibitions, newspapers and magazines and other media publicity without additional payment. (2) The author shall have an independent and complete copyright of the submitted work; the legal responsibility of the copyright, portrait right, reputation right and other legal responsibilities involved in the work shall be borne by the author. (3) Competitors shall not violate relevant Chinese laws and regulations during aerial photography, and shall not violate the relevant regulations of the location where they are photographed. Laws, regulations and regulations include, but are not limited to, drone flight management and control measures, drone flight area management, and on-the-ground photography management, etc. (4) Participants must obey the unified management of the local area and the scenic spot, and must not affect the normal tour of tourists, and pay attention to the personal safety of themselves and tourists. All accidents, responsibilities and losses during aerial photography shall be borne by the photographer himself. A disclaimer agreement must be signed when applying for a certificate. (5) The individual income tax involved in this event shall be withheld and paid by the organizer. (6) Contestants must publish relevant videos and pictures on their personal online platforms. (7) Participation is deemed to agree to and abide by the above provisions. (8) The organizer has the final right to interpret this event.