The winter study tour boom is coming. please come to visit Longhushan Global Geopark to experience the super warm nature travel in winter~

Meeting up winter


Winter Study Tour

Feeling the charm of Longhushan UGGp and Winter together

On November 25,

Longhushan Global Geopark once again welcomed a study tour team of more than 600 people.

It is a a wave of trend of study tour in autumn and winter

Besides to read thousands of books,

one needs to travel thousands of miles

Coming to Longhushan to meet the most beautiful winter

let us meet

The warmest nature travel in winter

Students walked on the high-altitude plank road of Longhushan UGGp,

Admiring the beautiful Danxia landform

And feeling the charm of nature

Students visiting the first strange village in the south of the Yangtze River - Mosquito-Free Village, see the most simple farmhouse scenery, listen to the gurgling of the Luxi River, and learn the story of Mosquito-Free from the old people in the village.

Watching the ancient Yue coffin uplifting cliff funeral performance, and understanding the unique ancient Yue culture, and feel the infinite wisdom of the ancients.

Crossing over the Lucky Bridge,

Going to Xianshuiyan Area to see the charm of colorful countryside

In the millennium Shangqing Ancient Town

Watching time flow slowly

Feeling the unique charm of Chinese local Taoist culture

Transferring learning from classrooms to the Geopark

growing up with laughter and learning with happiness

They conducted a tour with study and thinking, to learn and to gain, traveling and experiencing, obtaining through practice.

Longhushan UGGp has a thousand-year history and unique traditional culture

It is one of the preferred places for research tours

While reading thousands of books

Travel thousands of miles and enjoy the scenery

Longhushan Boutique Tourist Route

Geopark's Museum

Ancient Yue coffin uplifting cliff funeral performance

High-altitude plank road at Elephant Trunk Peak

Taoist Ancestral Court-Tianshi Mansion

Zhengyi Taoist Temple

Mosquito-free village

Shangqing Ancient Town with a thousand year history

Ancient Yue Water Street

Healthy physique, cultivate sentiment, broaden horizons

by no means bragging

Xiaohu five-star recommended Jiangxi Longhu Mountain Scenic Spot

Come and experience an indispensable research trip in your life

Learnning and traveling here

Getting close to nature and experience culture

Sharing knowledge and deepen friendship

Making an unforgettable memory!