The site of the National Geopark mining park construction will be held in Hunan

The Mine Park Construction Geological Park as economic development in the new fulcrum, which will play an active role in boosting the local poverty alleviation in recent years the domestic many very fruitful "tactics". In December 14th, the National Geological Park Mine Park to boost the construction of poverty alleviation and field geological environment management seminar held in Hunan, aimed at summing up experience, explore and out of poverty and poverty during the extra period and future periods, Geological Park Mine Park lay precise battle poverty and boost local economic and social development of new ideas, and strive to make the new plan as. Mine geological park park construction and development moreequitable benefit local people.

The Ministry of land and resources and geological environment secretary Guan Fengjun said at the meeting, the Geological Park Mine Park Construction in poor areas, in the protection of geological relics, protection of resources and the environment at the same time, but also the formation of a new economic growth point, to promote industrial development in poor areas; provide a lot of jobs and solve the livelihood problem of poverty; to change their way of life and improve the quality of life of the poor; promote the construction of infrastructure facilities, improve the development conditions of the poor areas; the construction of popular cultural venues, rich cultural life in poor areas; carry out cultural skills training, improve the employability of poor people; to attract social capital investment, become impoverished area investment platform; improve the park and local visibility, increase the development of poor areas vitality; enhance resources property value, stimulate the economic vitality of the poverty-stricken areas; build foreign exchange The open platform, the poor areas of the world outlook, to provide support for the poor people out of poverty to boost power, really play a good role really help the poor, really poor, help the long-term ".

Guan Fengjun believes that the construction of the Geopark Mining Park helps to promote the success of the poverty alleviation. Mainly include: give full play to the leading role of local party and government organizations; make full use of the geological park mine park a gilded signboard investment; vigorously carry out the construction of infrastructure, and improve the tourism investment environment; to create employment opportunities for the poor; to provide policy and financial support, solve the actual needs of the masses; establish the sharing mechanism of development, poor people share of industry revenue; stimulate endogenous power to carry out mass employment and entrepreneurship training; development advantages of agricultural products, smooth modern sales channels; mining the local folk culture, enhance the connotation of tourism; formulate specific measures for special precise helping the poor.

He stressed that the typical experience of the next step will continue to sum up and promote the country to boost the construction of mine geological park park poverty, to further explore new ideas to boost the construction of mine geological park park in poverty alleviation work, establish perfect system, clear responsibility and appropriate measures in place, management of geological Park Mine Park management system continuously as a new, active exploration the formation of operation mode park full of vitality, promote the formation of the new pattern of mining geological relics, relics protection and Geological Park Mine Park Construction specialization, industrialization and socialization, for mine geological park park construction to achieve greater effectiveness in promoting poverty alleviation and solve regional poverty, sharing the fruits of development.

It is reported that at present, 206 National Geoparks have been built in China, and 33 are qualified. 35 world geoparks approved by UNESCO. Among them, there are 97 national geoparks in poor areas, accounting for 47% of the total number approved, 11 of the world geoparks, 31% of the total number of the country, and 6 of the national mining parks. A total of 370 thousand poor households were involved, with a population of about 1 million 740 thousand people. Fully play the role and advantages of Mining Geological Park Mine Park poverty, for "determined to win the battle of poverty", accelerate the construction of ecological civilization and the beautiful Chinese, winning a comprehensive well-off society, has a very positive meaning to a new era of great victory of socialism China.

At the meeting, Fu Ying, vice president of the China National Institute of land and resources, made a "report on the benefit assessment of the national geopark construction."

Yin Xuelang, deputy director of Hunan land and resources department, Xiao Caizhong, deputy director of Guizhou land and resources department, Jiang Jun, deputy director of Sichuan land and resources department, introduced the typical experience and existing problems in the construction of Geopark mine park.