The leadership of the Department of geological environment of the Ministry of land and Resources Research on the construction and management of the stone forest Geopark

Recently, land and natural resources division of geological environment inspector Liu yuangyihang, accompanied by the Yunnan Provincial Department of geological environment department director Su Aijun, deputy director of the Kunming Municipal Bureau of land and resources Hu Guangpu led down to the stone forest, on the research of geopark construction and management.

The research group for the field view of the Geopark Naigu Stone Forest Scenic Area and the size of stone forest protection of geological relics and scenic resources development and utilization and popularization of display, listened to the report on Shilin County Government geopark construction and management, and to answer related questions.

The research group fully affirmed the great achievements made in the construction and management of Shilin Geopark. At the same time, it also put forward some suggestions: first, to strengthen science popularization; science popularization is the important content of geopark, and to explain and display the geological knowledge of parks from a scientific perspective. Two, we should strengthen the construction of Park geological museum. We should consider both the science and the audience, so that we can understand the general public, especially the primary and secondary school students. The three is to strengthen the cooperation with colleges and universities to carry out scientific research of Geological Park, the geological tourism breakthrough, to set an example; the four is to strengthen the protection and management of the park at the same time, to consider local community residents participation, poverty alleviation and docking with the precision, through the development of geoparks to promote local economic development, so as to achieve sustainable development; the five is to strengthen geological talents, actively support and encourage geological experts to declare, to promote domestic and international exchange of learning other geological park.

The leaders of the deputy magistrate of the county people's government, Yin Xia, the director of the Bureau of stone forest management, Zhou Linchun, the county government office and the County Bureau of land and resources, accompanied the investigation.