Mount Danxia ushered in the Wangwushan - Dai Meishan exchange guests

On December 11th -15, Wangwushan Diane - Meishan World Geological Park Wang Fang, Wei Dou beans two guests to visit Mount Danxia in the world geological park to carry out friendly exchanges for a period of five days.

Mount Danxia management committee deputy director Chen Fang on behalf of Mount Danxia World Geological Park said a warm welcome to the visiting guests, the two sides carried out extensive exchanges on the world geological park construction, assessment, scientific work, and to discuss the feasibility and necessity of the establishment of friendly sister Park, explore the future of bilateral exchanges cooperation matters.

During the exchange, Mount Danxia sent science mentor Chen Zaixiong, Huang Lanzhen et al, who led the Wang Fang bean beans two Wangwushan Diane - Meishan World Geological Park representatives visited the Mount Danxia Museum, nature school and a plurality of expedition lines.

In the process of visiting museums and watching the natural school curriculum, Huang Lanzhen, a science instructor, introduced the popular science teaching methods and facilities of Mount Danxia to two guests, and watched Mount Danxia science popularization film. Two guests on the Mount Danxia of science content all showed great interest, and fully affirmed and praised the museum and the school of natural science work, the knowledge and interest together, can be very good for tourists, the study team Dayan science education. Not only that, science instructors also through the Mount Danxia sand table model to two guests overall introduces Mount Danxia five two, a total of 292 square kilometers, let two guests have full understanding of the system and the Mount Danxia Park of Danxia landform characteristics etc..

Subsequently, the two guests at the science teacher Chen Zaixiong, under the leadership of Huang Lanzhen visited the Mount Danxia geological expedition line 1, line 2, the elder peak Yang Wonsan Line No. 5, Winton bridge expedition Line No. 6 expedition of geological, ecological and cultural expedition line, visited the Mount Danxia unique geological wonders and rich natural resources.

Mount Danxia is the world natural heritage and National Nature Reserve, has a rich and unique biodiversity, a way of study, two guests were attracted by the various animals and plants, also said at the Mount Danxia this natural treasure at the same time, natural and cultural resources of Mount Danxia rich features, excellent natural environment, unique. Landscape and perfect infrastructure can let more people understand into the Mount Danxia, Mount Danxia.

The friendly interaction Wangwushan Diane - Meishan world geological park and Mount Danxia geological park of the world not only to deepen mutual understanding between the park, but also for the two world geological park in the future sister Park, realize information sharing, mutual exchange of needed products to promote the development of both sides, the park, laid a good foundation.