Longhu is unique in the world - "Townships Jiangxi • Weekend Yingtan" Global Tourism Culture Season in Longhushan UNESCO Global Geopark

	In order to fully implement the spirit of the province's tourism market work conference, we will further promote the city's tourism "double creation" work, solidly promote the tourism image, sing the "Landscape Taoist Charm Yingtan", " Longhu Is Unique In The World " brand. April 27th-28th, organized by the Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Commission and the Yingtan Municipal People's Government; Yingtan Municipal Tourism Commission. The Longhushan Global Geopark Administrative Committee organized the “Longhu is unique in the world - "Townships Jiangxi • Weekend Yingtan" Global Tourism Project.  The cultural season kicked off at Xiaoyao City, which is a service center of Longhushan UNESCO Global Geopark. The Longhushan Global Geopark Administrative Committee and the Jiangxi Zhilv Technology Co., Ltd. are responsible for the whole process of development, construction, planning and operation of this activity
	The global tourism culture season consists of the tourism product exhibition and the Celestial Master gossip dragon feast. The global tourism product exhibition has a total of 8 booths, attracting visitors from cities and towns such as Nanchang, Fuzhou, Shangrao and Jingdezhen. The exhibition hall design combines the local cultural characteristics of the cities. The Longhushan Pavilion combines the eight-diagram-shaped appetizer as a stunning model, and the innovative interactive experience can be unique.
	The celestial master gossip dragon feast is based on Chinese dragons. After the huge head of dragon is placed on a table over 100 meters , more than 200 people can eat together. The huts with ancient Chinese characteristics on both sides of the dragon are the finishing touches, and they taste delicious foods at the same time as a thousand years ago.
	This activity is also to recommend the geopark food series of Longhushan Global Geopark, to better promote the integration of local food culture with geotourism.