Longhushan Geopark will make all effort to improve daily work to meet the criterion of a UNESCO Global Geopark

	Recently, the Longhushan Global Geopark Administrative Committee organized a meeting for all management staff.  The meeting focused on improve management capabilities to ensure the sustainable development in the entire geopark territory of Longhushan Global Geopark including Longhushan Geo-section, Guifeng Geo-section, and Xiangshan Geo-section. On this meeting, Partnership establishment of Longhushan Global Geopark was also discussed. The cooperation strategy and development status of the  Geopark partners especially community partners and the geopark cooperative schools were reported. Some suggestions were made to better improve the partnership establishment of the geopark in the future. The director of Longhushan Global Geopark Administrative Committee encouraged continuous job should be done to promote sustainable development, which can in turn involve more participation of the local residents to the geotourism and they can benefit from it. Furthermore, the meeting reviewed the  2016 revalidation results. The problems existing in the feedback were achieved by early arrangement, early deployment, early implementation.  
	All staff members reached an agreement that our Geopark will  keep on improving the management and construction level and strengthening the  exchanges and cooperation with other GGN members. So that Longhushan UNESCO Global Geopark will have even better future and benefit the local people.