Longhushan UNESCO Global Geopark holds geoparks knowledge lectures on campus

	In order to celebrating of the 49th Earth Day, the Longhushan UNESCO Global Geopark holds geoparks knowledge lectures on campus.
	In order to further increase the scientific knowledge of Longhushan UNECO Global Geopark and GGN, to promote the simultaneous development of geological heritage protection and popular science education, and to comprehensively improve the quality of students' science, On the theme of "I Love Longhushan UNESCO Global Geopark", the series of "Longhushan Global Geopark Science into the Campus" entered the Longhushan Yutang Elementary School and sent students a small knowledge of geopark science.
	The event specially invited experts to give lectures on science knowledge. The experts introduced the students in detail about the overview of the Longhushan Geopark, the characteristics, types and formation reasons of geological relics, and the knowledge of geological disasters and prevention through vivid graphic and text combinations, easy-to-understand language, and relaxed and cheerful interaction.
	The lecture was warmly welcomed by the children. Not only did the children understand the knowledge of the global geopark, but they also increased their awareness of protecting the natural ecological environment.
	Finally, the experts also encouraged the children to be good propaganda geopark "trumpet", to love, cherish and protect the geopark ecological and geological heritage resources.