Songshan and Ningde like a sister Geopark

From December 23rd to 24, 4 people from Bai Rongmin, deputy director of the Ningde World Geological Park, Fujian, visited the Songshan World Geopark. Songshan World Geological Park deputy director Cheng Shengli and Liu Yuewei king, chief, accompanied by positive monarch.

On the morning of 23, in exchange forum, the two sides were introduced Geopark geological value, infrastructure construction, tourism and geological park management institutions, re evaluation and other aspects of the situation, and then establish the related matters of sister Geopark and successfully signed a sister agreed Geopark agreement. According to the agreement, the two sides set up a round job exchange mechanism to achieve information sharing, deepen communication and cooperation, and promote the rapid development of parks in the area of management, publicity and popularization.

Subsequently, deputy director Bai Rongmin visited the Songshan Geological Park Museum, Zhongyue temple, Songyang academy, Shaolin Temple and other scenic spots, and conducted field visits to San Juan village and Luya waterfall two science route. After the end of the investigation, Bai Rongmin, deputy director, said that Songshan's geological heritage is unique, and its cultural heritage is thick. It is a gem in the World Geopark. It expects cooperation and exchanges between the two sides to further develop and achieve common progress.