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Longhu is unique in the world - "Townships Jiangxi • Weekend Yingtan" Global Tourism Culture Season in Longhushan UNESCO Global Geopark

The Buddha shoulder length of 416 meters, 68 meters high, "the mountain is a Buddha, Buddha is a mountain", is by far the world's largest natural mountain Buddha, to showcase the Buddha Nirvana picture true to life "". Therefore, the "existence of strange, with its vast landscape of the Buddha cave, male, Jay's soul" at home and abroad. Through the planning and construction of several generations, there gradually formed a set of tourism, resort, resort, conference, religion, photography and adventure in one of the resort, attracting a group of guests from all corners of the country.


Longhushan UNESCO Global Geopark is located in Jiangxi Yingtan City, 18 kilometers from the city center, by the water rock, Mount Longhu, shangqinggong, Hong five Lake, Ma Zuyan and Tianshan should be composed of six major scenic spots, 55 spots, 261 landscape scenery, an area of 200 square kilometers. In addition, Yiyang also includes independent scenic Guifeng (point), an area of 40 square kilometers. Mount Longhu is the Eighth World Natural Heritage of China, the World Geopark, the national natural and cultural heritage site, the national 5A level scenic spot, the national Forest Park and the state key cultural relics protection unit. The area of the whole area is 220 square kilometers, and Mount Longhu is a typical Danxia landscape in China. Mount Longhu is the birthplace of Chinese Taoism, the Taoist holy land, clear water of Danshan and the ancient cliff tombs known as "three". Mount Longhu has a forest area of 62%, abundant rainfall and warm climate. The air anion content in Mount Longhu area is 15 times higher than the normal value. The natural oxygen bar in China's domestic scenic spots is the best.